Michael F. Ellis (May 12th, 1959 - December 6th, 2014)

"Greater is the power of JAH inside of us than is the powers of the world outside of us"

- Michael F. Ellis

Michael F. Ellis The Man

Michael F. Ellis was born on May 12th, 1959 in the Township of Calidonia, Panama. Son of Mavis Ellis and Oswaldo Felipe, he was brother to nine siblings. He attended Luis Martin High School in Panama where he was a star basketball player. Michael came to the United States in 1980 where he began on a path towards great success in the music industry. He was the creator of the now very popular music genre known as “Reggaeton” and strongly believed in world unity by the sound of music. Michael was known by many to be a father figure and mentor, his door was always open and his hand was always quick to help and encourage others.

His selfless attitude and positive outlook made him a person that people naturally gravitated towards; individuals that considered Michael a part of their family are too numerous to count. Michael was passionately driven by his close relationship with Jehovah God and became an effective teacher of the Bible. Michael F. Ellis passed away on December 6th, 2014 he was surrounded by family and close friends, the memory of Michael F. Ellis will remain in our hearts forever, he was a father, brother, husband, motivator, leader and friend to many and he will be greatly missed by all.